Ukraine launches counter-attack in south of country

Having halted Russian advances in the six-month war, Ukraine launched a "long-anticipated" counter-attack in the south of the country yesterday. The aim is to retake Kherson, the only regional capital held by the Russian forces.

[spokesperson Natalia] Humeniuk said at the briefing that recent strikes on Russia's southern logistical routes had "unquestionably weakened the enemy". More than 10 Russian ammunition dumps had been hit over the last weeks. However, she declined to be drawn into giving more details about the new offensive. Russia's forces in the south are "rather powerful" and have been built up over a long time, she told the briefing.

Vaguely reported or claimed, Ukraine has bombed Russian ammunition dumps, cut off Russian troops in the city by destroying the bridges used to resupply them, and Russia has moved out high-ranking officers in anticipation of a siege.