Watch: weird MAGA radio host is agog that a paper company has an arboretum

Trumpian bloviator Grant Stinchfield, who regularly abuses the electromagnetic spectrum by transmitting his incoherent temper tantrums on his radio program, was puzzled by the fact that a paper company would have an arboretum.

"I had to pull over to show you this," he says as he exits his car in front of the paper company, "because sometimes things are just absolutely too funny."

"I'm across the street from the Packaging Corporation of America, a paper plant here in Counce, Tennessee, a paper plant."

He then points his phone camera at the paper company's arboretum.

"Look what they have in front of the paper plant. It says here, 'arboretum.'

"Look, I get that we need paper, and I got nothing against this giant paper plant. But come on. You got an arboretum, an arboretum, in front of the paper plant. May I remind you, they need trees to make paper. Look out trees. Look out!"

Imagine if Stinchfield took a trip to the Great Plains and came across one of the many wheat museums and experimental crops there. " May I remind you, they need wheat to make bread. Look out wheat. Look out!"