You'll want to carry this multipurpose box cutter with you everywhere you go

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There are some tools that everybody realizes they need at some point: You're at a party and you need a bottle opener to crack open a beer, or you've received a package you're struggling to slice open without a box cutter, and so on. But the reality is, you're not going to carry a bunch of tools with you every day — after all, who's got the bag space?

That's where a multipurpose tool comes in handy. Right now, you can get a quality one for a great price: RAZOR from The Bomber & Company, usually available for $35, is on sale now for just $29.99. No coupons needed! That low price gets you an easy-to-carry box cutter that also doubles as a utility pocket knife, a can opener, a bottle opener, and so much more. Essentially, a RAZOR comes in handy for all kinds of activities, from the mundane to the unexpected.

Here's what else we love about RAZOR: It's made from 440C stainless steel, so it's incredibly strong and durable. That steel is also corrosion-resistant, so you don't have to worry about it dulling or rusting. RAZOR comes with a straight-edge blade that's both super sharp and precise, so you can make the most detailed cuts possible. Plus, it's tiny and lightweight — less than 2 ounces — meaning it's easy to carry anywhere you go. We love the minimalist style of this tool, too, as it makes the RAZOR elegant and sleek. 

Reviewers are united in their love of the product: "I believe this RazorBox cutter will come in very handy. It is more than just your average box cutter. I recommend it," wrote one verified buyer. Another said, "The Box Cutter is really useful and unique because of its size and design. It's real useful for everyday necessities."

Get RAZOR: Not Your Average Box Cutter for just $29.99 now.

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