Jeff Guenther, a relatable therapist for the Tik Tok era

Jeff Guenther, aka "Therapy Jeff" on TikTok and Instagram, wants to help you have better relationships. Based in Portland, Oregon, he's been a therapist since 2005. He does individual therapy and couples counseling, and lately he's discovered a new passion for sharing short videos on social media that deliver bite-sized nuggets of relationship and mental health advice.

For example, in one video he explains 9 completely normal things that don't have to be a red flag in a relationship, which include:

· "Doubting the relationship every now and then because relationships suck sometimes."
· "Sleeping in different rooms, because have you tried that lately? It's amazing."
· "Wanting to go on vacation without your partner because sometimes you need some effing space, am I right? "

In another he presents 3 overshares on a first date. He explains one:

"Talking about past relationships in a way that makes your partner uncomfortable. Hey, I'm fine with talking about exes to give a bit of an overview of your dating landscape, but if you talk about them in a way that displays a lot of anger, resentment, and sadness, that's gonna be weird and may signal that you have unresolved feelings that are better talked about in therapy, not on a first date."

He covers a wide range of other relationship and mental health topics: here's a video on how to deal with parental trauma and decide what kind of relationship you want to have with your parents; here's one on self-esteem and knowing you're enough; and here's one on asking for what you need in a relationship. I love Therapy Jeff's content because it's really helpful and a quick way to hear some great advice. He's also so relatable and even gets snarky at times, which makes him that much easier to listen to. He sometimes curses and gets frustrated with parents and the trauma they have caused for patients. It's refreshing to find someone in the popular therapy world who is both helpful and entertaining, and who feels like a friend you'd want to hang out with!