Now You Can Work From Anywhere Without The Glare

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The SunShader is a laptop sunshade, heat shield, and privacy screen that lets you work outside, even in direct sunlight.

Everyone loves the idea of ditching their office cubicles and working outside in the beautiful weather. But what works "in theory" doesn't always work in practice. This is often true when it comes to using a laptop in the sun. That's because glare can make it nearly impossible to read your laptop's screen. There's also the issue of overheating, which happens if your computer sits too long in direct sunlight. Luckily, the SunShader 2 is here to help.

The SunShader 2

Image via Sunshader

Designed in Austin, Texas, the SunShader 2 is an anti-glare laptop shade and heat shield that blocks glare on your laptop screen, even in direct sunlight. The device also prevents your computer from overheating and doubles as a privacy shade while you work in public spaces. 

The device features proprietary rubberized clips that attach to the edge of your screen, allowing the shade to fold down and create a tunnel that blocks unwanted light. It works with any laptop brand, including Apple, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, and Acer. And its ultra-lightweight design won't weigh down the screen. There are even special grooves that allow access to ports.

With the SunShader 2, it's easy to work at outdoor cafes, by the pool, on your patio, near a window, or anywhere you like. So click here to learn more, and get yours, today!