US life expectancy continues to fall in a "historic" drop

The life expectancy of people in the United States fell dramatically in 2020 and 2021. It was the deepest two-year dive in a century, obviously tied to COVID-19 but also driven by heart disease, liver disease, cirrhosis, accidental deaths, and drug overdoses. Here's the US government report. From the New York Times:

In 2021, the average American could expect to live until the age of 76, federal health researchers reported on Wednesday. The figure represents a loss of almost three years since 2019, when Americans could expect to live, on average, nearly 79 years.

The reduction has been particularly steep among Native Americans and Alaska Natives, the National Center for Health Statistics reported. Average life expectancy in those groups was shortened by four years in 2020 alone.

The cumulative decline since the pandemic started, more than six and a half years on average, has brought life expectancy to 65 among Native Americans and Alaska Natives — on par with the figure for all Americans in 1944.

In 2021, the shortening of life span was more pronounced among white Americans than among Black Americans, who saw greater reductions in the first year of the pandemic.