For sale: Collection of nearly every videogame console ever made

For around US$1 million, you could have an incredible instant collection of most videogame consoles from the last 50 years. French collector Kario30 has posted the lot of more than 2,400 items on eBay. From his (translated) listing:

My current collection is approximately 2250 Plus 2 consoles to 300 boxes (pack) to complete, I have in my possession 50 years of consoles, from the first to the very last. The goal is to bring together all the models, all the colors, the versions, the limited commercial editions, the limited editions under reservation, the editions that can only be won in the form of a contest, the advertisers, the packs, the bundles , European/Japan/USA editions. All these consoles are accompanied by PVL, signs, statues, terminals, accessories, a few hundred games for all consoles combined.

From Hypebeast:

The enthusiast first began in the early'90s but sold everything he owned when the 2000s came around. Then, he picked it up again and grew his collection through to 2011 when he stopped for a second time because he didn't have the time for it anymore. However, in 2018, Kaori30 visited Japan and the trip kickstarted his passion for consoles once again, which ultimately led him to his current collection now.