Harm-free rat control in Phoenix, Arizona

Here in the Phoenix area we have a rat problem. Specifically, because of the citrus trees that are all over the valley, we have a lot of roof rats that just love hanging out in people's houses. I should know, I actually had one living in the crawlspace under one of my bathroom floors a couple of summers ago. (If you must, you can go watch the video here.) Luckily, that cute fluffy fella jumped back down the sewer pipe before we could catch it, so I like to think it's safe and happy now. But most rats get killed if they show up in someone's home. Thankfully, now there is a new solution that doesn't hurt the rats. A Phoenix-area company has created a way to control rat populations without harming the cute creatures. ABC15 explains:

A Phoenix-based company is helping eliminate the roof rat problem, one drink at a time.

At Wildhorse Ranch Rescue in Gilbert there are all kinds of animals being cared for and
nurtured. In some way, the pesky rats are also getting a great living situation.

"It's a sweet milk and they love it. They absolutely love the taste of this stuff. They fight over it," said Kim Meagher, founder of the ranch, referencing the white liquid in an upside down rodent bottle feeder.

The liquid and feeding contraption is called ContraPest, which is made by valley headquartered SenesTech Inc.

Contrapest says that a single male and female rat can produce up to 15,000 descendants in a single year.

"You can't kill enough of them to get a handle on their birth rate. So this does that," said Meagher, who has five traps around her property.

You can read more about the liquid birth control. As someone who loves rats—they're so smart, and cute, and fluffy—I am thrilled with this development!