The trailer for The Son has an all-star cast

The appeal of cinema is astonishingly multifaceted. While one person may be drawn to the drama inherent in a script's narrative, others may watch a film solely for the special effects and action sequences. There's no wrong way to consume cinema, and there's something powerful about that. Although there are several elements of a film that can enrapture an audience, there is no profession in show business that captivates the public as completely as actors. 

Of all the gigs in filmmaking, actors garner the most attention and, frequently, the lion's share of the pay. Although most may not deserve the outrageous salaries they receive, there are tons of actors that routinely prove their work with every performance they undertake. 

In the video linked above, you can watch the trailer for The Son, starring some of the best actors working in the field today, Hugh Jackman, Anthony Hopkins, and Laura Dern.