Gingrinch emailed Kushner after Trump lost with propaganda proposal to overthrow election

The J6 committee is humbly requesting dark triad exemplar Newt Gingrich to talk to them about how he worked with Jared Kushner and Stephen Miller to create television ads designed to incite people into supporting an illegal presidential coup. An email Gingrich sent to Kushner and Miller said, "The goal is to arouse the country's anger through new verifiable information the American people have never seen before … If we inform the American people in a way they find convincing and it arouses their anger, they will then bring pressure on legislators and governors."

The CNN news segment also reveals how Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, went to great lengths to try to convince Wisconsin officials to appoint a fraudulent slate of electors to illegally cast ballots for Trump, who lost the election in that state. The J6 committee said it is considering subpoenaing her to testify.

Gingrich has yet to respond to the request. If Thomas is subpoenaed, get ready for a few hundred invocations of the fifth amendment, mixed in with a few dozen Marjorie Taylor Greene style I-don't-recalls.