Man disappointed that song he plays during sex does not arouse girlfriend

"Please read this and then listen to the song," writes Cait on Twitter, citing a thread on Reddit's "Today I fucked up" forum. "you are not prepared for the song"

Exhibit 1: an excerpt from the post:

I don't understand why it has taken her two years to tell me she hates that song, it's a good love making song with good rhythm. I feel the way I fucked up is I could have possibly asked her previously if she likes the playlist or any songs she'd like to add/change. But to leave it for two years thinking our sex life is great but in her eyes has just been ruined by my music has left the whole situation feeling awkward and I'm a bit annoyed.

I pretty much played this tune every single time so the amount of times she must have not been enjoying it, when I thought the complete opposite is annoying but also embarrassing in ways.

Not to mention my previous partners, however they never complained about the song so maybe it's just her?

It's fucked up the relationship tbh because sex feels awkward now. The other day we were having sex with no music but I was still thrusting to the tune playing in my head. She recognised this and asked me to stop.

Exhibit 2: the song.

Each to their own! May this man one day find love with someone who requires long, languid thrusts synchronized to a compilation loop of the inflatable duck army.