Steve Bannon threatens Biden and family after president defended democracy

President Biden's speech Thursday night defending democracy really hit a nerve with former Trump strategist (and Trump-pardoned) Steve Bannon, who responded with angry threats to the president and his family.

"We are going to bring it big and hard and loud on 8 November," the MAGA cheerleader said today to Biden in hopes of a GQP takeover after the midterm elections. "And then we're going to investigate your entire family, everything you've done in your administration … your perverted son … and we're going to move to impeach you. We will impeach you, and we are going to remove you from office."

"The battle lines are drawn," the War Room host went on, continuing to push his battle cry, reminiscent of the time he and Matt Gaetz planned a Trumpist takeover using "4,000 shock troops."

"There's no compromise here. We're not only not backing off an inch, we have not yet begun to fight."

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