This video of Walter White in Mario Kart has no right to be this good

Giant pop culture phenomenons have a stunningly short shelf life. One minute, a movie, band, or television show is on top of the world and rules every algorithm, only to be usurped by the next fad within a few years. However, some culturally impactful properties never lose their luster. Even though it's almost a quarter of a century old, The Sopranos is still regarded as one of the best television shows around. Another series that fits a similar description is Breaking Bad. Despite being off the air for several years—not including its prequel series Better Call Saul—Breaking Bad still consistently generates new video essays, articles, and memes. 

In the video linked above, the YouTuber Chipturner creates a masterfully edited meme of Walter White racing on Mario Kart's iconic Rainbow Road. Outside of the inherent hilarity of juxtaposing Mario Kart and Breaking Bad, the use of Tech N9ne's song Speed of Sound makes the entire clip a work of transcendent brilliance.