Kiss sweaty wake-ups goodbye with this must-have cooling pillow

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Nothing says a good night's sleep like waking up in the middle of the night feeling clammy and uncomfortable, right? While this is, unfortunately, a side effect of snoozing through warm summer nights, if you're sleeping in the wrong type of bedding, it can also happen any time of year, no matter the weather. 

From helping with allergies to keeping skin healthy, there are lots of reasons to pay more attention to what you lay your head down on each night, and with a pillow like this, you can bet you'll rest way more comfortably. The CarbonIce pillow features a slew of technological advancements and materials to keep you cool as you sleep, in addition to staving off harmful bacteria, allergens, and more. 

Supported by over 4,000 backers on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, the CarbonIce pillow proves to be the next bedding must-have. That's likely because of its Dual Memo Density Foam Tech that adjusts to a wide range of sleepers, letting them choose between firm support and a softer side that cradles the neck and shoulders. The pillow also boasts 3 different forms of air flow thanks to its Activ-Air Technology, which not only helps keep the pillow's structure in tact with daily use, but it also reduces night sweats and encourages proper breathing thanks to the way it holds the head.

This state-of-the-art pillow also features bacteria-fighting elements, like carbon bamboo charcoal that absorbs toxins moisture, and odors, prevents the development of mold, and more, all to help keep things as clean and healthy as possible. It even features graphene and a copper-infused inner cover to prevent bacteria growth even further. 

From its 7-in-one bacteria-fighting technology to the fact that it keeps you cool and comfortable night after night, the CarbonIce pillow is an easy way to upgrade your bedding and improve your sleep hygiene. 

Get the CarbonIce™: 7-in-1 Bacteria Protection & Cooling Pillow for the discounted rate of $69.99 down from $100.

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