The spectacular drumming of streaming musician Richard Rey

Check out one of my favorite Redditors, "Office Drummer." His real name is Richard Ray, but he uses "Office Drummer" on social media. Dressed as an "office worker," with a white button-up shirt, khaki pants, and a burgundy tie, he does livestreams on Reddit and Twitch where he drums along to pretty much any song users request. By the end of his sessions he's always absolutely soaked with sweat—he really puts his all into his drumming, and into interacting with his livestream audiences. He sometimes does challenges, too, like when he used giant drumsticks, or drummed to Metallica's "Master of Puppets," but went faster every time the word "Master" was sung. He's really quite spectacular. He has a vast knowledge of all genres of music, but even if a song is requested that he doesn't know, he's so skilled that he can almost instantly pick up the beat and play along. I love watching his livestreams because he's so energetic and excited, and also just so talented. His energy and positivity is really infectious. Go check him out—he goes live on Twitch Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Friday at 5pm PST.