Dolphins recognize one other by their urine

Dolphins "kinda pee their names", reports Sci Show on YouTube, summarizing cross-modal perception of identity by sound and taste in bottlenose dolphins and press coverage of the study.

Do we really need cursive anymore? When I was learning how to write in the antiquated script, teachers constantly reassured me that I would need cursive to sign documents in the future. "Without cursive," they'd say, "you won't be able to construct a decent signature, and anyone could forge your name." Flash forward to the present, and almost every document I sign is digital.

Occasionally, specific contracts will ask for my John Hancock, but more times than not, I end up pressing "x" to verify my identity. Handwriting used to be an easy way to identify someone, but in the digital era, it's essentially useless. Human beings in 2022 just have too many ways to verify a person's identity.

Now, if we were dolphins, odds are we'd be coming up with solutions on how to ID one another without having to use our urine.