Judge declines to overturn Elizabeth Holmes' guilty verdict

A California judge gave Theranos' Elizabeth Holmes an early "nope" on overturning her convictions, but scheduled his final decision for Oct. 17, her sentencing date. If the four felony counts of fraud stand—a jury found her guilty in January of duping investors—she faces a lengthy jail sentence.

Holmes, 38, faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, plus restitution, for lying to investors about a Theranos technology she hailed as a revolution in healthcare but which in practice produced dangerously inaccurate results.

Amy Saharia, one of Holmes' lawyers, tried to persuade Davila that the jury of eight men and four women had acted irrationally during their seven days of deliberations. The judge concluded that the jurors drew reasonable inferences from evidence presented at the trial, although he said he would still review some cases Saharia presented before making a final decision.