Mysterious "three-eared quokka" explained

Check out the mysterious three-eared quokka spotted and photographed recently on Rottnest Island, near Perth in Western Australia. The photo was taken by Redditor Moondyne71. One clever commenter on Reddit, OkSpirit452, has named it the "Uniquorn." Another, Adventurous_Trip2886, set us all straight, as Redditors often do, explaining:

Before this gets out of hand, this is not a three eared quokka. Quokkas regularly fight with each other and occasionally they get their ears split. As they grow the split becomes more pronounced. This is a photo of a quokka with a whole left ear and a split right ear. Not uncommon as I've seen several of them up close over the years.

Ok, Mr. Smartypants. I still prefer "Uniquorn," but that's just me. Cute creature rating: 10/10. (ALL quokkas are ALWAYS 10/10, and that's a fact).