Remember when some guy sued Pepsi over a jet?

I'm old enough to remember when you could redeem soda caps for prizes. Prior to the late 90s, you could win pretty much anything under the sun with the right soda cap. However, once the internet came along, soda companies started printing random codes inside pop caps with the intention of consumers redeeming them online. The transition was so jarring and infuriating that I often contemplated taking legal action. Unfortunately, I was nine years old and often buried my indignation under Pixy Sticks and Powerpuff Girls marathons. Had I any conviction, I might have been able to leverage my completely ridiculous case into a cash settlement.

In the video linked above, you can watch the story of a man that didn't lack any conviction while tackling Pepsi. In the 90s, the soft drink company released a commercial that claimed seven million "Pepsi points" could win one lucky consumer a jet. The ad's claim was made in jest, but the subsequent lawsuit that arrived at Pepsi's headquarters was not.