Take a look at Rick and Morty's season 6 opening

In the first episode of Rick and Morty, we were promised that the show would run for a hundred years. After almost ten years and six seasons, the promise might've been more accurate than anyone would have predicted. Even though the show has depreciated in interest since its third season, make no mistake, Rick and Morty is still one of the most popular cartoons on the planet. Moreover, until another new show rises to usurp its popularity, it's fair to argue that Rick and Morty can still be considered the modern face of adult animation. 

In the press run-up to the show's upcoming sixth season, Rick and Morty's showrunner assured fans that there would be less of a gap between seasons going forward. The prospect of more adventures sounds great, and if the opening for season six is any indication, the writers are still as creative as ever. You can check out Rick and Morty's new opening sequence in the video linked above.