When Copenhagen buses triggered ophidiophobia, the overwhelming fear of snakes

This article from 2010 concerned the buses that snake through central Copenhagen, which were then covered in larger-than-life boa constrictors crushing the vehicles in its powerful digital grip. The giant snakes are smiling.

An advertising campaign for a local zoo, Peder Schack of the Danish firm Bates Y&R designed the images to "make the illusion of something strange happening to something well known."

There is nothing strange about ophidiophobia, nor its more well-known cousin arachnophobia. I don't think I would get into this bus, or the subway cars that, because of the popularity of the bus designs, were painted to include lions and monkey on the seats, and snakes slithering on the floor.

Photo courtesy Bates Y&R

Reminds me of an earlier version of current 3-D movie and game advertisements, like this one for Resident Evil. The Drum compiled images from the best 3D billboards.