Funny stories of people dramatically resigning from their jobs

There's a right way and a wrong way to quit a job. Thing is, the wrong way is often more satisfying and funnier. For your consideration, a few examples of not-so-quiet quitting stories collected by Inc.:

1. "One guy quit and left up an out-of-office message with stupid quotes from all of his bosses and seniors over the year–attributed to them by name. Because our IT is so notoriously bad, it took well over a week from them to fully disable his account so that the out-of-office stopped being sent."

 2. "I worked in high school at a mismanaged grocery chain that is now out of business. I was a cashier but they had a 16-year-old girl working behind the fish counter (which was illegal), and who was not being paid properly for the work she was doing (because she wasn't supposed to be doing it).

"On Sunday, the beginning of the pay period, she clocked in, wrote, 'I QUIT' in pieces of cod, haddock, and tilapia filets in the seafood counter, and clocked out. She framed a photo of her masterwork and her last paycheck for $2 and hung it in her bedroom.

3. "I stuck it out at a survey call center for six months while I finished my degree and got a better job, but lots of people didn't. One day, a woman next to me just left. I wasn't paying much attention, but she left her jacket and everything so I figured she'd gone to the bathroom. Twenty minutes later, a manager came up, looked around, and left a nasty note on her keyboard. Another 20 minutes later, he asked me if I knew where she'd gone. We looked at her stuff and it looked like she had left her jacket and just her purse, but none of the stuff was in it, she'd taken her wallet and phone. And left the other stuff as a ruse to give herself a good head start on us, I guess?"

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