Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza is back

People feel very strongly about Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza. When the company announced it had run out of the item earlier this year, fans were very upset, and began petitioning Taco Bell to bring them back permanently. Well, rejoice, Mexican Pizza fans! Taco Bell just announced that the beloved menu item will be back, PERMANENTLY, starting this month. Fox Business explains:

Taco Bell's Mexican pizza will return as a permanent menu item in September after the food chain severely underestimated demand in a temporary release earlier this year, the chain announced Tuesday. The fast food chain brought back the Mexican pizza as a limited time menu item in May, but did not purchase nearly enough supply to meet demand. Taco Bell stated on Twitter that it would have had to purchase seven times more ingredients to meet American's orders. The item has been off the menu for months but will return as a permanent item on September 15.