Big Tex, the "World's Tallest Cowboy"

Meet Big Tex, the "World's Tallest Cowboy," who stands at 55 feet and is the mascot of the State Fair of Texas—he's greeted visitors entering the fairgrounds in Dallas since 1952. The State Fair of Texas website has a terrific overview of Big Tex, which provides information about his history (he was created in 1949 to play the role of the 'world's largest Santa Claus' in Kerens, Texas), his silver screen fame (he was in the 1962 remake of the film "State Fair," which was shot in 1961), his outfitters (his clothes were sewn in the original Dickies plant in Fort Worth, and his boots were designed by Lucchese), and his size and measurements (he has a 33-foot, 9-inch chest; his jeans are sized 434 waist x 240 inseam; his hat is 95 gallons; his belt is 33 feet long; his boots are size 96). Check out the article to read more about Big Tex, and if you have a hankerin' to see him in real life, head to the Texas State Fair in Dallas, which runs from September 30-October 23.