Fast-food workers tampered with train tracks so they'd have a slow night at work

Tilden Township, Pennsylvania police have charged Ryan Boria and Amy Schaner, who both work at the same Wendy's restaurant, for allegedly tampering with railroad tracks. According to police, they pulled up to a railroad crossing and placed a shunt on the track. Why would they do such a thing?

"During the interview, they told us that their intentions were that if the gates could malfunction and they could somehow block traffic, then that would prevent people from getting to Wendy's, and they could have a slow night at work," [Tilden Township Police Department officer Frank] Cataldi said.

From WFMZ:

Police said Boria placed a makeshift device on the tracks that messed with the signal sensors, which meant the gates wouldn't have gone down when a train approached the crossing, and a crash could have happened.

"Their dispatch center would not have determined that the signal was being disrupted," explained Cataldi. "A crash could have absolutely occurred."