Keep your teeth 99% plaque-free, no scary dentist visit is required

While visiting the dentist is anything but a good time, the way your mouth feels after a regular cleaning makes it all worth it. And it just makes you realize how dirty your mouth feels during the time between these semi-annual trips, and, according to, your old plastic toothbrush simply doesn't cut it anymore, as it isn't as effective at getting rid of plaque.

Whether it's to get a whiter smile or to see that your breath doesn't kill small animals, ensuring you have a clean mouth is incredibly important in your day-to-day. And with a brush like the Smile Idol X7 Sonic Toothbrush on hand, you can bet your teeth and gums will remain sparkling clean, as it manages to get rid of 99% more plaque than your traditional toothbrush. Plus, it's currently 65% off its regular price at just $29.99, which is definitely something worth smiling about.

What sets the Smile Idol Sonic Toothbrush apart from the rest is the fact that it uses a sonic motor that uses high-frequency sound waves to give your teeth an ultrasonic clean. Not only does this help remove nearly all the plaque in your mouth, but it can help you attain a whiter smile over time. And to ensure your getting as deep of a clean as possible, it cues you every 30 seconds so you can be sure you cover all four sections of your mouth efficiently. 

The Smile Idol Sonic Toothbrush also employs rounded Dupont bristles designed to give your mouth a thorough clean without being too abrasive, helping your gums stay happy and healthy. And to ensure you don't run out too fast, the brush comes with four interchangeable heads that you can use for yourself or share with someone else. And charging the device is a total breeze, as it takes just four hours to fully replenish its battery, providing you with around 120 uses before you need to plug it in again. 

Save on the Smile Idol™ X7 Sonic Toothbrush, now just $29.99 down from $89.

Prices subject to change.