Mom arrested for killing teen daughter's academic rival with a poisoned soft drink

In Puducherry, India, a woman was arrested for allegedly poisoning her teen daughter's academic rival, killing the 13-year-old boy. The mom passed off a tainted soft drink to the boy but claims she only meant for him to get diarrhea that would incapacitate him during an annual celebratory day where students are honored for their achievements. She said that From Oddity Central:

…His mother, who originally thought that the cold drink the 13-year-old boy mentioned had been offered by a relative, started asking around at school and was eventually allowed to check CCTV footage which showed a student's mother putting something in the bottle and then handing it to the school guard.

The main suspect, a 42-year-old woman, admitted to spiking the 13-year-old boy's drink, claiming that she only used laxative pills from someone who makes country medicines, hoping to render him indisposed because of diarrhea, but according to police, the post-mortem exam report has found traces of poison.