Televangelist Kenneth Copeland says school shootings are the fault of "one demon-possessed woman" in 1963

Very stable genius Kenneth Copeland, who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, appeared on a television special last night to educate the world on why there are so many school shootings. It's not because of easy access to deadly assault weapons; it's because the naughty Devil used a woman to make the Supreme Court remove Bibles from schools.

Interviewer: Okay, so when did the devil get a geographic assignment to kill children in schools?

Copeland: The devil used one atheist woman, one who had one son, one demon-possessed woman by the name of Madalyn O'Hair and her son and Supreme Court people that didn't have what it took to stand up against her, and because of that one woman today, we don't have Bibles in school. We can't pray in schools anymore. The devil used that woman to cripple our schools and open the door to the schools, and now the devil is going in there and killing children in schools.