Watch Simon Taylor use his ethnic Aussie Accent to save some scratch

I had a friend that once told the story of how she got pulled over by a cop the same day she flew back to Seattle from Korea, and when the cop asked for her license she got out of the car and said "Today fly Korea" while pointing at the sky. Every question was answered with "Today fly Korea", and after 4 rounds, the cop told her to drive safer and simply walked away. I would call that story bullshit if I hadn't seen with my Mk 1 eyes from the back seat, another friend who performed a "rolling" stop, and every answer to the cop was: "stomach ache", while cradling her tummy; I swear on a stack of Gideon's a mile high, the cop gave up after asking 5 times if she knew that she hadn't come to a complete stop, and exasperatedly said: "Just drive safely, please.", turned then walked back to his cruiser. So yeah, I've seen how powerful an accent can be when applied at just the right moment with the proper amount of conviction, like Simon Taylor does in this video:

Hearing the Australian version of an Italian accent blew my mind, and now I want to see what Australian and American Italians think of each other's accents.