Bathroom Shrooms, a subreddit about unexpected mycelial visitors

Have you ever had a random mushroom sprout up in your bathroom, or laundry room, or living room, or basement, or kitchen, or, really, anywhere else unusual? If so, the subreddit "Bathroom Shrooms" might be of interest to you. It describes itself as a sub "for mushrooms and various fungi growing in places they should really not be growing. (Not necessarily limited to bathrooms)." Folks post photos of mushrooms/fungi that they find in various places, and ask for help identifying them (and Redditors typically come through with helpful info—which is one reason I just love Reddit!). It's pretty fascinating to scroll through and see the wide variety of mushrooms/fungi that people post, and the sometimes bizarre places they show up. Yes, lots of bathrooms and kitchens appear on the sub, but on occasion so do hairbrushes, door frames, firetrucks, pillars, and even scooters.