Burning Man 'walks' in playa drone show, morphs into Larry Harvey tribute

Studio Drift brought their drones back to Black Rock City for another incredible show. This year's performance had the Man talking some steps before regrouping and becoming a tribute to Burning Man Cofounder Larry Harvey, complete with his signature Stetson.

The Burning Man Journal:

The artists of Studio Drift propose creating the illusion that the body and soul of the Man might rise up and walk. They suggest an innovative use of drones and the chance to be more sustainable in our "walking dreams" as we come together in a moment of change and transition. They note, "The Base is built up out of blocks with the proportion 2:1 … [symbolizing that which is] man made. It's a reference toward humans trying to structure everything around us into the most logical building block. It's the foundation our dreams are built on top of…"

Additional footage

Check out the drone landing pads!