MRE mystery: What are these 'patriotic' sugar cookie shapes?

My campmates swear by Meal Ready-to-Eats (MREs), individual food ration packs, for their main food source at Burning Man. While the main entrée choice is printed on the outside of the sealed package, nothing else is. The extras, like the drink packet flavors and dessert, are a complete surprise. Now, I'm not personally into eating its contents, but I'm definitely into ripping each package open to discover what mystery goodies lie inside. Luckily my campmates are cool with me doing this, an experience I imagine is what it's like for kids opening those L.O.L. Surprise toys. So, it gave me great joy to find a bag of "Sugar Cookies, Patriotic" in one of the packs. Even better, the patterns on the cookies were unclear—a double mystery surprise! I definitely see Uncle Sam's top hat and the profile of an eagle. But, help me out, what else are we looking at here?

Is that a snake sock puppet holding up a traffic cone? (bottom right)

photos: Rusty Blazenhoff