Watch the largest feeding frenzy of gigantic fin whales ever caught on video

As much as 85 feet long and weighing 80 tons, fin whales are the second largest animals on Earth, after the Blue Whale. Previously at risk of extinction thanks to idiot human hunters, the species is bouncing back following a 1982 moratorium on commercial whaling. See the above video depicting the largest gathering of gigantic fin whales ever caught on film. Their feast occurred in the Drake Passage off the Antarctica Peninsula. From National Geographic:

To capture the almost mythical wildlife filmmaking event — which doubled the previous record and included 300 whales along with albatross, thousands of sea birds and a huge amount of other marine wildlife — it took Nat Geo Explorer Bertie Gregory and his film crew six weeks aboard a small 75-foot-long, ice-strengthened sailboat. Battling terrible weather conditions and 95 knots of wind, Bertie and the team pushed through to capture the incredible moment.

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image: NOAA Fisheries