Another phoned-in terror threat sends police to Boston Children's Hospital

Police responded to Boston Children's Hospital late Friday after another phoned-in terror threat, reports NBC News 10, the second in two weeks. The nature of the threat was undisclosed, but it follows ongoing conservative fury, stoked by misinformation posted online about the hospital's treatment options for transgender youngsters. w

Boston Children's is not the only hospital to experience these types of online harassment and threats, according to an NBC News report earlier this year. That report noted social media attacks against other children's hospitals in Omaha, Nebraska and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. According to a recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, while the LGBTQ+ rights movement found an ally in the Biden administration, there is continued evidence of hate groups mobilizing in 2021 to push anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and ideology in the country.

Certain Twitter accounts are at the center of this campaign, directing the rage to specific targets in the knowledge that Twitter will do little to moderate in the absense of explicitly threatening or abusive language.

They don't care who they hurt, including children, so long as they get the people they hate.