Get local channels without paying a fortune for cable with this indoor antenna

From your favorite prime-time shows to the local news, watching some TV shouldn't have to be all that complicated. But between tons of streaming services and cable, you've racked up some hefty monthly expenses, and all you really need is the basics! Is that really too much to ask?

You deserve to have easily accessible local channels, no matter what you like to watch, and this HDTV antenna definitely delivers the goods. The Rveal digital indoor model gives you instant access to local channels, whether it be local news, your afternoon soaps, Friday night drama flicks, and so much more. And the best part? It's simple at just one payment of $19.99 with no sneaky monthly fees or payments. 

And before you pass this deal up because you assume this thing will be a pain to install, boy, are you in for a treat. Believe it or not, to get this antenna up and running, all you need to do is plug it in, then scan for channels with a simple click. That's it. Plus, you'll immediately notice the subsequent high picture quality, even more than you would with cable or satellite thanks to its advanced 4K signal filtration.

Whether you put the HDTV antenna in your den, bedroom, office, or wherever else, its flat, discreet design makes it easy to fit just about anywhere, and it's far from an eyesore. And it should work equally as great in any room you put it in, as it features a strong broadcasting signal with crystal clear content due to its 50-mile, multi-directional range and quality amplifier. 

Still wondering if this antenna is as good as it sounds? Just let the reviews do the talking. Boasting high ratings online, as much as five-out-of-five stars, this antenna is impressing people all over the place, with real users saying things like, "I was frankly a little shocked how easy this was to set up and how well it works."

The Rveal Digital Indoor HDTV Antenna is just over 30% off, making it $19.99 down from $29. 

Prices subject to change.