This anti-snoring sleep mask just may save your relationship

Laying your head down next to your partner each night can be incredibly comforting and relaxing — until their snoring makes you want to pack your things and move as far away as possible. We all deserve some decent shut-eye, but if you sleep next to someone who snores, you can expect to wake up cranky, groggy, and likely dreaming of your single days. In fact, according to Psychology Today, sleeping next to a snoring partner can actually disrupt both sexual and emotional intimacy.

Whether your partner snores or you're the noisy snoozer, help is on the way, in the form of the Hupnos Anti-Snoring Sleep Mask. Unlike other sleep masks, this gizmo is designed to stop snoring in its tracks, letting you know when to reposition yourself in your sleep without you even knowing it. And at 52% off its regular price, $94.99 is a small price to play to finally have quiet, peaceful sleep.

This anti-snoring sleep mask has more than one helpful feature. For one, it can actually detect when you're snoring and record it, allowing you to see how much you snore in the night and maybe even help you recognize different patterns. Second, it actually delivers a gentle buzzing whenever it recognizes that you are snoring, causing you to turn over, likely off of your back, ceasing that annoying snoring sound. The mask even increases your expiration pressure through respiratory airway dilation, opening your airways so you can breathe without emitting any sound.

Unlike many other sleeping aids out there, this mask is incredibly portable and looks like a regular old sleep mask. That means you can wear it while on business trips, on vacation with family and friends, and more. Plus, it's super comfortable to wear thanks to its premium microfiber design and easily adjustable head strap. And since it's machine washable, you don't have to worry about it irritating your skin or becoming unsanitary. 

This mask has been featured on Men's Health, AARP, Forbes, Sleep Review, and Engadget! Find out why it is so critically acclaimed today. Sleep more soundly — and potentially save your relationship — with the Hupnos Anti-Snoring Sleep Mask, now over half-off at $94.99.

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