Casey Rubber Stamps is an iconic stamp shop in NYC

See how stamps are made inside NYC's iconic Casey Rubber Stamps. The shop has been owned by John Casey for nearly 20 years. It's located on East 11th Street in downtown NYC. I loved watching Casey make his stamps in the video. So much care and focus goes into his process. Residents and tourists can make their own rubber stamps in the shop, too. Nothing beats handmade items, so if you're in need of some high quality stamps, you can check out the shop's site here or stop by in person.

From YouTube:

"John Casey is the owner of East Village mainstay Casey Rubber Stamps, a local landmark that has endured for almost two decades. The iconic stamp and ink shop, located on East 11th Street in downtown New York, is beloved by locals. For years, residents and tourists alike have swung by to buy and make their own novelty rubber stamps. Watch this short film from filmmakers Eric Maierson and Leandro Badalotti for a glimpse into Casey's intricate stamp-making process. "