This footage from a Star Trek convention in 1994 will warm your heart

Fandom isn't what it used to be. Prior to the internet becoming the backbone of human civilization, fandoms- specifically those tied to science fiction properties- felt infinitely purer. The prospect of fans encountering anyone that shared their level of affinity for (insert thing here) was such a rarity that almost every interaction was cherished. Now, with the advent of Redditt and other forms of social media, it feels like people take fandom for granted. Although people still attend conventions in droves, it feels like the magic of yesteryear isn't as palpable as it once was. 

Since it's impossible to time travel to prove my theory correct, I'm just going to have to settle for video footage of past conventions. In the video linked above, you can check out some retro recordings from a Star Trek convention in 1994. Aside from the costumes designed to reflect Trek series of the era, the video harkens back to a more peaceful period of Star Trek fandom.