Werewolf By Night looks like the wrong kind of horrifying

For all of its various successes, the MCU has committed an almost equivalent number of sins. Although there are a host of problems plaguing the modern MCU, the franchise's insistence on forcing a homogenous action comedy tone on every single one of its properties has to be the most all-encompassing. Every other article that a superhero-hating film critic writes prophesizes the inevitable onset of "superhero fatigue," and Marvel's monotonous conveyor belt for cookie-cutter content isn't doing anything to detract from the criticism. 

Despite possessing an innumerable roster of unique characters that all occupy various genres, Marvel chooses to shoehorn every piece of content they produce into the same bland and inoffensive tone that has come to define their brand. Take the new Werewolf By Night teaser trailer linked above, for example. 

Instead of creating an earnest horror film- or holiday special- Marvel opts for parody by turning Werewolf By Night into a send-up of cheesy grindhouse horror films. Boy, Blade is in good hands now that it's part of the MCU, huh?