Clothes pre-stained with "ketchup"

File this under: another stupid gimmick, or, when will corporations stop trolling us? Velveeta tried to sell us nail polish that looked and smelled like cheese, and Balenciaga offered trashbag-inspired totes for almost two thousand dollars. What's next, you might ask? Well, Heinz (yes, the ketchup company) has teamed up with the online second-hand shop thredUp to sell "vintage" clothes with ketchup stains on them. The line is called "Vintage Drip," and thredUp describes it like this:

Heinz and thredUP are teaming up to make a mark on fashion. Because a stain isn't a reason to get rid of clothes, it just adds flavor to your 'fit!

Each secondhand item in this limited drop is elevated with Heinz Ketchup stains. 100% of proceeds go to Rise Against Hunger, an international hunger relief non-profit organization.

The Kitchn provides more information about the collaboration:

The condiment behemoth has partnered with thrift-store giant ThredUp to sell "157 secondhand streetwear and designer pieces, each with a unique Heinz ketchup stain." The one-of-a-kind limited release is sure to be a must-have for those who share the company's belief that "when it's Heinz, it's not a stain, it's a statement." But if you're looking for the "statement piece" to stay just that, you may not have it for long. After confirming that the stains would be authentic ketchup, the company advised that, eventually, the color would wash out.

If you can't resist ketchup-stained clothes, you can go to thredUp now and buy some, or wait until the second round becomes available on September 13. Despite the absurdity of this collaboration, at least it doesn't involve creating any new clothes (because it relies on recycled fashion), and at least the proceeds go to an organization that is fighting hunger. But honestly, if I want vintage clothes with ketchup stains, I'll just go to my kitchen and squeeze ketchup on whatever I'm currently wearing. Ta-da, I'm a fashion icon!