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Check out Science Girl for posts about the most wondrous and unanticipated images and stories of fish with transluscent heads, wildebeest migrations across the Sarengeti in Tanzania, unexpected forest geysers, sea anenome's and their facial expressions, giant wood moths, murmurings of swallows, and other fantastical creatures. Featuring nature photographers and videographers to follow and support, Science Girl offers images and links to knowledge about the relationship between the awe-inspiring, ever-surprising beauty and diversity of the of the planet and atmosphere, and the urgent need to care for mother earth.

Marine biology, neuroscience, petrology, design, architecture, astrophysics and astronomy are just a few of the scientific disciplines you will find represented. Crediting all images and videos, the conversation is always lovely, nerdy and about learning. This post about cacti producing fruit reveals the humble genius of the fauna of the desert: "Some cacti produce fruit which contain seed dispersed by animals that eat this fruit. The genus Melocactus produces edible pink pepper shaped fruit, watch them being extracted here." This video about pollen in a tree made me sneeze watching it.