Here is more opossum content

I'm back with more opossum content! Today I'm here to share a new Facebook group you should know, if you love opossums like I do. This one is called "Hardcore Possum and Opossum Posting." It's a private group with over 37,000 members, but it's easy to join. You just have to agree to be nice when you sign up. Once you've arrived, you'll be greeted with lots of photos and videos of opossums and possums from all over the world. Much of the content is generated by folks who have rescue opossums, so you get to see them up close, sleeping, playing, and—my favorite—eating. Folks in the group also capture and share video footage of opossum visitors that come around to porches and backyards to snack in the middle of the night. Folks also share opossum photos and videos from all of the internet, including this cool footage of an opossum swimming, from Wilderness Trail Wildlife Center in Kentucky. I hope you enjoy seeing all of these opossums as much as I do!