Africa's history of biological warfare

As the Western world increasingly deviates from a purely Eurocentric vision of history in the classroom, millions of people are starting to discover the rich tapestry of events that comprise African history. For the first time in recent memory, more Americans are beginning to regard African history as more than a curious diversion from global affairs but an inextricable cornerstone of world history that should be celebrated. Hopefully, we'll finally be able to distance ourselves from the perception of Africans as savages prior to the corrosive stranglehold of Colonialism.

One of the best resources for anyone interested in the complexities of African history is the YouTube channel Hometeam History. Hometeam History has created a platform that helps people efficiently metabolize African history through its brief and informative videos.

In the video linked above, Hometeam History talks about the surprising history of biological warfare that an African nation engaged in to fortify its security.