Burning Man meets Davos at a "wealth festival" that says the quiet part out loud

Burningman isn't a giant enough display of disposable income, so "Future Proof" has been organized to give wealthy folks room to play in a less dusty and dry environment, California's conservative enclave of Huntington Beach. Here rich folks can learn new and exciting ways to manage their cash. The organizers of Future Proof want to make talking about your money cool, again, but also have $300 entry-level tickets for ordinary people to learn about becoming rich.

Don't worry, they have sunblock stations. Davos is probably too cold for pretending that diversity and inclusion aren't a "chore."

LA Times:

They began by dubbing it a wealth festival — "the world's first," and, also somehow, "the world's largest," according to the splashy hot pink and orange signage plastered on every available surface — and planted it in Huntington Beach, right on the beach itself.

Inspired by Coachella and South by Southwest, all of Future Proof's speaker sessions and panels are being held on outdoor concert stages, which on Tuesday night doubled as performance venues for musical acts Big Boi and Fitz and the Tantrums. A caravan of food trucks hired to provide free food for the four-day event, which ends today, is posted up alongside exhibitor booths in various shades of tropical smoothie colors. The 2,200 attendees are being encouraged to post on social media, and there are made-for-Instagram selfie stations aplenty.

"This is for the next generation that cares about these issues," Brown said. "A lot of events are like, 'All right, we have our diversity and inclusion panel.' We turned the whole event into that because that's the zeitgeist. Not acting as though it's a chore is what sets us apart from so many other events."

Although Future Proof caters to the usual types — financial advisors, wealth managers, institutional investors and fintech employees looking to network and promote their products — the event is also for regular folks who want to learn more about investing. Tickets range from $300 to $3,495, depending on professional background.