Memes helped Morbius become a top ten film on Netflix

In a perfect world, Morbius wouldn't even exist. Had Sony allowed their vice grip on Spider-Man's film rights to loosen after the failure of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Marvel studios would be in complete control of the Wall-Crawler's cinematic destiny. Unfortunately, Sony opted for joint custody of Spidey, and now we're forced to endure a deluge of crappy spin-offs dedicated to Spider-Man's villains. 

Although Morbius didn't technically flop during its original theatrical run, the film underperformed in relation to the studio's projections. However, shortly after the movie left theaters, the internet turned Morbius into a laughing stock thanks to a host of hilarious memes. Hoping to salvage their dumpster fire of a film, Sony attempted to re-release Morbius to capitalize on the memes- only for the movie to flop again. However, it seems like it might finally be Morbin' time, thanks to Netflix. 

Since the film debuted on Netflix, Morbius has been making a killing on Netflix's top ten list. 

Morbius is tearing up the charts on Netflix after being made available on the platform recently. The Jared Leto movie has had quite the journey up until this point. It got rereleased in theaters after a massive Internet campaign turned the entire project into a meme. That rerelease went about as well as you'd expect. Morbius floundered again and hope for fans looking to goof on the Sony picture thought the saga was at an end. However, it seems like people just can't get enough of Leto's vampire. Now, Netflix's Top 10 has the good doctor near the top in the second slot. It's hard to fathom given both the critical and audience reviews for the title. On Rotten Tomatoes, Morbius sank very quickly following various screenings. It feels like fans are dangerously close to getting a Morbius 2 green lighted on accident. At any rate, the jokes will roll on until people find something else to giggle about on social media.