Middle school boys created a whisper network to stop a school-supported predator

A group of 7th-grade boys tired of a creepy teacher overstepping the line and making gross suggestions and comments to the girls in their class. Receiving no help or feedback from the school administration that indicated anything would change, the young men started logging the teacher's creepy events on a discord channel.

That database of bad behavior has been turned over to the US attorney's Office, the state Department of Children, Youth, and Families, the state Department of Education, and the attorney for their local school district, who is now leading an internal investigation.

Boston Globe:

It made the boys uncomfortable to see the girls in their class struggling to deal with their teacher flirting with them.

"Sometimes they'd laugh. Sometimes they just kind of just sit there awkwardly," the boy recalled. "Even the ones that said he was 'creepy' laughed, because they were obviously not trying to tick him off or anything. So they're just fake laughing, awkwardly laughing."

"Other students noticed it too," the boy added.

And so, on Jan. 5, 2021, a small group ofseventh-grade boys decidedto stick up for the girls.

They set up a subchannel on Discord, named it after the teacher, and called it the "Pedo Database." "Post the [teacher's] pedo moments and quotes here so we can get evidence," one boy wrote.

Via Techdirt