Netflix's The Crown ratings soar after death of Queen Elizabeth II

Following Elizabeth II's death, Netflix's The Crown has seen a massive uptick in viewership.

Viewership of Netflix's hit series The Crown skyrocketed around the world over the weekend following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Between 9 and 11 September, The Crown's viewership rose more than 800% in the United Kingdom compared with the previous Friday to Sunday period, according to data from Whip Media. In the US, viewership more than quadrupled during this timeframe, while in France The Crown had more than three times the viewers it did the previous weekend. Globally, viewership was nearly four times higher this past weekend than it was the previous weekend. At the time of writing, The Crown was among the top ten trending TV shows on Netflix Australia.

The Crown was filming its fifth season when production was forced into a quick hiatus following news of the Queen's death. Even though it's presumably years out, it'll be interesting to see if the series goes the meta route when (and if) they finally get around to Elizabeth's death.