A nursing home for Army veterans hired an erotic dancer to entertain them

I would love to have been in the meeting where the administrators at the state-run Taoyuan Veterans Home in Taiwan when they decided the best way to celebrate this year's Mid-Autumn Festival was with a stripper. Everyone, including the dancer, wore filtering face masks to try and protect these elderly servicemen while having a fantastic time.

The event somehow leaked to some measure of public outrage, and the nursing home was badgered into offering an apology.

NY Post:

The man doesn't appear to mind, however, and can be seen squeezing the woman's assets as she enthusiastically writhes her body. Other nursing home residents clapped along enthusiastically, seeming to relish the raunchy show.

But the senior care facility was hit with backlash and subsequently released a statement saying: "The intention of the event was to entertain residents and make them happy. We are very sorry for the offense that was caused."

A nursing home spokesman added that Mid-Autumn Festival parties had been cancelled at the nursing home the previous to years due to the COVID pandemic. To lift residents' spirits, they arranged for the stripper to perform a show.

However, they conceded that the erotic dancer's actions were "too enthusiastic and fiery," and that they would be "more cautious" when planning such events in the future.

They said there was also a more sedate game of bingo and some karaoke in an adjoining nursing hall.