American fans will get to see Chainsaw Man a little earlier than expected

Unlike its American counterpart, the Japanese comic industry is all about paving the way for new characters. In the States, characters like Iron Man, Superman, and Deadpool have become so dominant that new superheroes struggle to gain a foothold in the comic industry. In opposition, fans of Japanese comics and shonen manga, in particular, are constantly awaiting the next big idea or character.

As the manga industry is slowly transitioning away from the "Big Three" era- with the last title standing in One Piece slowly drawing to a close- there has been an influx of new series that have captured the hearts of shonen fans across the globe. Even though its manga run is already over, Chainsaw Man is one of the aforementioned new series that took the manga world by storm. When it was announced that a Chainsaw Man anime was on the way in 2022, fans began to clamor for the show's release. Well, it seems like American fans—specifically those attending New York Comic Con—will have to wait a little bit less than others. 

It's official. There is less than a month to go before Chainsaw Man makes its debut, and there is no denying the hype. This anime is one of the most-buzzed-about in years, and it has the potential to shift the anime landscape the same way Attack on Titan did years ago. Of course, that means fans are dying to check out the anime ASAP, and Crunchyroll has just announced the anime will premiere early in the United States.

The only catch? Well, you will need to be in New York City to watch it. The premiere is going down at New York Comic Con this October, so the premiere will go live days before its launch globally.

According to Crunchyroll, NYCC attendees will be able to watch the first episode of Chainsaw Man on Friday, October 7th in the afternoon. The event will gather the English dub cast for a panel to chat before premiering the anime's first episode dubbed.