Get ready to go Entergalactic with Kid Cudi

Adult animation has become a little formulaic. Since The Simpsons took pop culture by storm in the 90s, several television shows began to ape the show's format to great success. Consequently, adult animation can essentially be distilled into a handful of tropes that The Simpsons pioneered. Although some shows deviate from the formula, pretty much every entry in the adult animation genre features a dysfunctional family rife with foul-mouthed children featuring copious segments of ultra-violence. 

With their new Netflix series Entergalactic, rap visionary Kid Cudi and Black-ish creator Kenya Barris have redrafted the blueprint for what adult animation can be. Entergalactic is a coming-of-age, urban rom-com with a gorgeous painted CGI style that never once insults the audience's intelligence. As one would expect with a Hip hop icon at the helm, Entergalactic also features a fantastic soundtrack from Kid Cudi, loaded with tracks from his new album of the same name. You can check out the trailer in the video linked above.